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The Daily S'wich

2014 – Branding, UX/UI

Daily [dey-lee]
1. of, done, occurring, or issued each day or each weekday:
daily attendance; a daily newspaper

S’wich [swich]
1. the contraction of the word ‘sandwich’
1. to exchange or replace something with another:
He was always having unhealthy meals and needed a S'wich.


The Daily S'wich is a mobile sandwich business that travels around the CBD of Singapore on a pre-determined schedule, serving fresh customizable sandwiches to the busy working class! Its name was inspired by the brand's positioning of being an essential part of its consumers' daily lives. It is also a call for change in the dietary habits of the working class.

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Have a read on what the business is about, find out where we source for our quality ingredients and keep up to date on all our upcoming events!


Spot our pre-launch advertising around the CBD!



How do we ensure our busy S’wichers can always get the latest updates on our whereabouts and get their S’wiches as quickly and easily as possible?


A website + smartphone app!


Short Promo Video...

The Daily S'wich Brand Manual

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