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Lucid Organics Dried Fruits

2017 – Illustration, Packaging Design

Lucid Organics is a premium producer and retailer of organic foods and natural products. With its primary audience being young, sophisticated individuals who appreciate the art of mindful eating, Lucid Organics acts as an advocate for the slow, minimalist lifestyle that many find a challenge.


Lucid Organics believes that the consumers of their products are not only purchasing a delicious healthy snack, they are ultimately buying into a better, more wholesome lifestyle.


The newly released line of dried fruits is thoughtfully packaged in a palette of light, dreamy colours and adorned with a rounded typeface to suggest the flavour and freshness of the product. The packaging for each of the fruits in the range has its own illustration of simple day to day activities on it that encourages its audience to take occasional breaks from their busy lives and relax with Lucid Organics dried fruits.



This is a work in progress. The first fruit of the range to be released is dried apricots.

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